Why Ryleho Stands Out From the Rest

Energy Efficiency

Timber (especially solid oak) is far more energy efficient than aluminium. Timber barely conducts heat and naturally provides superior insulation in winter to aluminium. Visit The Window Energy Rating Scheme at www.wers.net, to see how Ryleho rates against other suppliers. It also explains how timber products, on average, rate far better than aluminium. 

Maintaining that amazing look over time

With correct maintenance, our products will continue to look almost new. Aluminium and veneered timber, on the other hand, both fade in a way that can’t be prevented or corrected. 

Solid timber in all of our windows and doors

Most other timber windows and doors have just a thin veneer of timber on the outside. This causes problems in the future with quality deterioration and a reduced life span. If you want to sand them back and re-stain them again, for instance, it may not be an option with a veneer finish. With Ryleho’s products, however, maintenance and care is simple. Solid timber sections will last longer and allow you to maintain and re-stain your products over and over again, which will ensure your products remain in top condition for years to come.

Also if you happen to dent it, solid timber can be repaired with steam and sanding back. This is simply not possible with other products that use veneer, or other sub-standard materials which in most cases, require the entire section to be replaced. 

Tradition Combined with Cutting Edge Technology

Even though our history goes back thirty years, we are constantly re-inventing ourselves in service, manufacturing techniques and product knowledge. This in turns keeps us vibrant, connected and growing with today’s trends and demands.  We continually deliver quality individual pieces of work, which ensure we stand out from other joinery manufacturers.

First Class Expertise and Service

With 30 years of experience, our team of highly expert staff share a wealth of knowledge and technical experience. So whether your enquiry involves complete design advice, or simply guidance on minor details, our staff really know what they’re talking about.

Comprehensive Range of Products.

Ryleho manufactures and supplies a complete range of timber products that are of the highest standard. Our vast range of products includes timber windows and doors, double glazing, timber mouldings, architrave and skirting, door hardware, and many specialty products.

Custom Designs

Being a traditional joinery factory means that every component is machined specifically to your order. So if you want something not on the menu, custom designs are not a problem. If you can draw it, we can make it! Look in the Photo Gallery for inspiration. 

We are a locally owned, family business.

Aside from getting the best windows and doors money can buy, you can also feel assured in the knowledge that we live locally, spend most of money locally and support local clubs and charities.

We provide skilled apprenticeships and participate in the Disability Service Employment program.

As a joinery factory we are able to train young people in carpentry skills (from conception to installation), something that most other factory cannot offer their apprentices.