Let Tony Barilaro from Ryleho Group show you how to beat ever increasing, electricity prices!!

With the ever-increasing cost in electricity prices, I would imagine most people are looking at ways in reducing their electricity bill as well as help the environment. That is where Ryleho Group, a Queanbeyan based company can help you with all your double glazing solutions.

Ryleho manufactures a complete range of high quality timber products that are of the highest standard. Our range of products includes a vast range of timber windows and doors specializing in energy efficient double glazing.

You can be assured of our reputation and dedication as we have been around since 1986, and with the support of the local community, we continue to invest in our business as we plan for the future. We are proud of being local, employing locals and we are committed in investing in the development of our staff, as well as new plant and equipment. From apprentices to tradesmen, laborers to office staff, our promise is to stay local.

So how can we help? When we think of insulation we think automatically of pink batts. Of course wall, floor and ceiling insulation is a great start and definitely helps. But what about those great big holes in the wall of your house, which we call windows and doors? Did you know that 25-30% of energy loss in your home is lost through poor windows and doors?

But where to begin, double glazing, comfort plus, low E and Argon gas are all but familiar terms to those in the industry but creates much confusion to you the consumer. And it’s not just the glass. The window itself plays a major roll. What type of material it’s made of. Weather sills and other types of systems that is better suited to your home. Your windows need to work for you not against you, so by selecting a range of windows that will maximize cross ventilation, be double glazed, have good seals and of course the best insulator of all, being timber framed, will give you far superior improvement to energy loss.

Simply put, Double glazing is 2 pieces of glass that are sealed together at the perimeter and have an internal air gap ranging from 6mm through to 16mm. The glass thickness is as per Australian Standards and will change according to the size of your window. Comfort plus is a laminated glass which is coated with a film to assist with insulation and Low E is a similar product but used in a double glaze insulated unit that will improve further the performance of the window.

Double glazing will not stop transfer of heat, but will reduce it. The sun generates warmth by emitting short wave radiation and it is short wave radiation that passes through the glass and warms up the interior of the building by being absorbed into the fabric of the structure, e.g. curtains, carpets, furniture, walls etc. The energy is transformed into long wave radiation. As heat always moves from hot to cold its means of escape is normally back out through the glass, but the low ‘E’ has the ability to reflect these long wave radiations back into the building. This results in a lower wintertime ‘U’ value (the measurement of heat loss through a solid object) and a more comfortable home along with lower heating costs.

Windows facing South and East during the winter period would not see much sun, and therefore be the coldest part of the home, so it is important not to have Windows that retain heat through a combination of glass surfaces, double glazing and good seals.

And it’s not just about heat loss. West facing windows will receive the hot summer sun, and using double glazing with a reflective coating such as comfort plus or Low E double glazing, will mean that your air conditioner won’t be doing overtime in the summer.

This may all sound confusing and may seem just too hard. But this is where Ryleho Home Solutions can help. We work with designers, glass manufactures and specialists in the glass and window industry. We stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations and our experienced staff is well-trained and here to help.

Double glazing
Let Tony Barilaro from Ryleho Group show you how to beat ever increasing, electricity prices!!