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Our focus has and always will be on quality.  We believe we deliver the best product in the Canberra region.


One of main reasons we are able to consistently produce such quality is the fact that we manufacture our own products, on site (yes, if you visit our show-room you can see our factory, which is part of the same building).


In short, we design, manufacture, assemble and install amazing looking windows and doors…


Why Choose Us?

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We only use solid cedar in all of our windows and doors.
The advantages of this are numerous.  Firstly, less maintenance is required over time.  Most timber windows and doors have a 3mm laminate.  If you ever want to sand back and re-stain at any time in the future, with our product, you’ll be fine – with most products there is a high likelihood of going through the laminate causing serious problems.


Dents and minor damage much easier to repair with solid cedar
Also with Cedar if you dent it, you can steam it to repair the wood, then sand back to repair the wood.  This is simply not possible with products the use veneer, requiring the entire section to be replaced.


Energy Efficiency 
Timber (especially solid oak) is far more energy efficient than aluminium. Timber barely conducts heat and naturally provides superior insulation in winter than aluminium.  Visit Visit The Window Energy Rating Scheme that rates and compares hundreds of window suppliers (including us).  You will quickly notice timber products, on average, rate far better than aluminium.


Maintaining that amazing look over time
With correct maintenance, our products will look almost new.  Aluminium on the other hand fades in a way that can’t be prevented or corrected.  As mentioned above, the same is true (for different reasons) for veneered timber.


Being a traditional joinery factory means every component is machined specifically for your order.
Not only can ANY size or style be accommodated, but unlike most production lines, where components are mass produced off-site, usually by a third-party to a set of fixed sizes.


We’re a locally owned, family business.
Aside from getting the best windows and doors money can buy, you can also feel assured in the knowledge that we live locally, spend most of money locally and support local junior sporting clubs and charities.


We provide skilled apprenticeships in (we currently have three with us)
If we don’t support local manufacturing, in 10-20 years not only won’t there be any left in Canberra, but people with those skills will have to go elsewhere.  Having a joinery factory, we are able to train young people in carpentry skills (from conception to installation) that most others can’t.

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